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Chloé Fuller x Crufts

Since she was a child, Chloé Fuller has been an avid viewer of Crufts. It was the birth of a more profound passion for dogs and spurred on a life-changing decision to welcome a Springer Spaniel called Ted into her life. Encouraged by the stories she saw broadcast on the show, she trained him to become her Assistance Dog, enabling her to live independently without the need for carers.

Chloé Fuller Crufts Presenter
Chloé and Ted talking on the Crufts sofa with Clare Balding, 2019.

In 2019 she was featured by Crufts, talking in the studio with Clare Balding about the importance of dogs for our mental health, recounting her own story of how her Assistance Dog, Ted, had saved her life. Having given her a newfound purpose in training him, she grew in confidence to pursue her interest in nutrition.

Chloé Fuller Crufts Presenter
Assistance Dog, Ted, serving as Radzi and Adem's demo dog at Crufts, 2020.

After 3 years of studying, Chloé qualified as a Companion Animal Nutritionist, and now works under the name CanineChlo assisting animal caregivers in helping their pets to thrive through their food and nursing pets with ongoing health conditions back to health.

She has continued to talk about her love for Assistance Dogs, even having a podcast dedicated to the topic for two years.

Her wealth of experience has led to Chloé being a valued animal expert in the media, featuring on TV Shows such as The One Show, Steph's Packed Lunch & ITV News.

Now in 2023, Chloé is joining the presenting team for Crufts, realising a lifelong dream she no longer believed to be possible after becoming disabled. She'll be covering a range of topics, including her speciality subjects; Assistance Dogs and Animal Nutrition. Speaking on her excitement, Chloé said; "I can't believe it. I've grown up watching Crufts and aspiring to one day be the one presenting too. I hoped it might happen in 20 years, but to be part of the team in 2023 is a dream come true."

Catch Chloé on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th March on Channel 4.


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