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Hi, I'm Chloé!

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Life outside of dog food.

Outside of my dog food obsession, I'm a TV Presenter, with a number of programmes under my belt. From being the official Pet Expert of the amazing Steph's Packed Lunch, to joining the presenting team for Crufts on Channel 4 or offering thoughts on disability advocacy with BBC's The One Show & Morning Live, I feel incredibly lucky to do the job I do. Off-screen, life is just as chaotic. In 2023, with Ted and Cinna by my side, we'll perform under the name of The Super Spaniels and perform at eight different festivals like DogFest, all around the country! 

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Here's why nutrition matters to me,

From a young age I've been fascinated by what our dogs eat, buying my own chest freezer at 14 to store raw meat and make my own dog food. Quite quickly, I saw notable improvements in my senior dog's health - she went from a slowing 10-year-old to a spritely dog who made almost 17!


This interest bounced around in my head until my passion was well and truly reignited in 2018 when my gastrointestinal system failed. Over a few months, I lost the ability to eat and my world fell apart, resulting in a feeding tube being placed - how I remain today.


This period of time highlighted to me just how stark the effects of poor nutrition can be, and how incredible the power of appropriate nutrition is to our health and well-being.


I'd already seen the benefits in my dogs, but this was undeniable. My appreciation for how nutrition impacts us physically, mentally and emotionally was stronger than ever. I was left with one realisation: this is what our dogs are missing


In the Media

Alongside professional practice, I also have the honor of being a media spokesperson on all things pets. Below details features, articles or appearancees purely talking about pet nutrition alone.




Steph's Packed Lunch




Steph's Packed Lunch


The Strategist



Your Dog's Club

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Speaking at seven festivals across the country about your dog's food.

Became the official Pet Expert for the show, presented & researched features on;

Homemade Dog Food

Keeping Senior Dog's Healthy

Cost-Saving Dog Food

Cat Food & Behaviour

Presented & researched an item on the power of nutrition for kidney disease.

Presented & researched features on;

Safe Human Foods to add to your Dog's Dish

Homemade Dog Ice Cream & Treat Recipes

The Endemic of Pet Obesity

Collaborative Article on The 6 Very Best Dog Foods.

Blog writer for US company,, covering pet nutrition & more.

Blog writer for major UK online pet store, detailing all new product lines.


Qualifications are often a contentious issue in the animal industry, meaning anyone can legally use titles such as Dog Behaviourist, Dog Trainer or Dog Nutritionist. While I have completed many courses, as demonstrated below, I would argue that my greatest learning has come from self-study and practical application. Devouring clinical textbooks and following the spiral of citations has helped me open my learning fully, without falling into fads that both human and animal nutrition commonly falls foul of. 

Nutrition is often considered an art, but that makes it no less of a science either. I formulate according to Nutritional Guidelines set forth by NRC, FEDIAF and AAFCO - the worldwide, european and american governing bodies for pet nutrition. For clinical formulation, I follow the teachings of Small Animal Clinical Nutrition or other applicable veterinary textbooks for the condition accordingly. While I firmly believe in the power of nutrition, I do not see it in any way as a replacement for modern medicine. I work willingly alongside vets to ensure the best well-rounded care for the pet in question, much as a trainer, behaviorist or physiotherapist would. 


The Possible Canine

(CPD) Completed Canine Nutrition Course

Completed Canine Nutrition Formulation Course







Reaseheath College




Salford Royal

(CPD) Canine & Feline Nutrition Course by Raw Fed & Nerdy

(CPD) Nutrition Formulation Seminar by Dr Charlotte Gray

(CPD) IBD & Nutrition in the Dog by Dr Charlotte Gray

(CPD) Allergies & Skin Disease in the Dog by Dr Charlotte Gray

(CPD) Pancreatitis & Nutrition in the Dog by Dr Charlotte Gray

(CPD) Renal Disease & Nutrition in the Dog by Dr Charlotte Gray

Achieved C04 Companion Animal Nutrition with Distinction

Achieved Level 3 in Canine Nutrition

Certified Pet Food Specialist by Dogs Naturally

Certified Raw Dog Food Specialist by Dogs Naturally

Canine Nutition Diploma by Centre of Excellence

The fascination becomes passion. My digestive system fails and I become tube fed. Spending 3 months on a hospital ward focused on nutrition opens my eyes to the power of appropriate nutrition. How each nutrient serves us physically, mentally and emotionally. 


A girl with a chest freezer.

The fascination begins. Spurred on by the desire for my beloved childhood dog to live forever, I start to make food at home for her. Creating weekly menus, I took her from a slowing 10-year-old to a sprightly dog who made 17. It dawns on me there is more to food than we think, and perhaps the answer to better health lies there. 

Textbooks Devoured

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As mentioned above, some of my greatest learning has come from textbooks needed to study courses. Here are some of the ones I personally found most formative and influential in my studies.

  • Small Animal Clinical Nutrition 5th Edition

  • NRC for Cats & Dogs (2006)

  • Principles of Animal Nutrition

  • Nutritional Supplements for the Veterinary Practice

  • Nutritional Management of Hospitalised Small Animals

  • Applied Veterinary Clinical Nutrition

  • Canine and Feline Nutrition 3rd Edition

  • Cunningham's Textbook of Veterinary Physiology 5th Edition

  • Introduction to Veterinary Anatomy and Physiology 3rd Edition

  • Dukes' Physiology of Domestic Animals 13th Edition

  • BSAVA Manual of Canine & Feline Gastroenterology 3rd Edition

  • BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Behavioural Medicine 2nd Edition

  • Domestic Dog Cognition & Behavior

  • The Dog: Its Behavior, Nutrition and Health 2nd Edition

  • Natural Nutrition for Cats and Dogs

Copy of many (10)_edited.png
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Darcy's Dilemma

Sophie G.

Hampshire, UK


Chloé helped my extremely fussy golden retriever find a food that she'd eat after months of barely eating. We had tried multiple foods and combinations with no success but with Chloé's advice she now never skips a meal. I honestly couldn't have asked for better service. Chloé is professional, knowledgeable and extremely approachable and I can't recommend her highly enough.

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