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Luna is a client that will stay with me forever. She was a remarkable Assistance Dog for her handler, Jess, before being diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease which threatened her working career. While her prescription diet enabled her to carry on working for a year, Luna eventually stopped eating. Given just weeks to live, we formulated a home-cooked diet within Kidney Disease & Pancreatitis clinical guidelines, that gave Luna a further six months. The video I received of her helping Jess with the post after her first day eating her CANINECHLO meal will gladly be burned into my mind forever.


"Chloé was an absolute lifesaver when my dog was diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease. She helped me navigate finding a diet to keep my dog symptom free for as long as possible. Towards the end, when my dog

lost her appetite, Chloé formulated a home-cooked diet plan for her which was both manageable and

affordable, whilst still meeting all the nutritional requirements for her conditions. Chloé adjusted

the plan for us when needed and made a distressing situation so much more bearable."

Jess G.

Hampshire, UK


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Loki came to me for inappetence and bilious vomiting. His caregivers had exhausted a variety of supplements and training activities to try and encourage him to eat, all to no avail. They had been brushed off repeatedly. Something about Loki's symptom presentation didn't fit, and I encouraged his caregivers to pursue more testing, suspecting two separate conditions at play. In the meantime, we preemptively treated accordingly to great success. His vomiting stopped and he ate with gusto.


After further tests, it was shown that Loki did in fact have a Giardia infection, alongside Irritable Bowel Disease. His caregivers couldn't feed him a home-prepared diet, therefore we found a commercial diet within budget and clinical guidelines for Irritable Bowel Disease. Alongside treat options suitable for him and supplements to help delay any potential flaring of his irritable bowel disease.


Buddy was a rescue dog, who had been through the ringer! He presented with a number of behavioural issues that his caregivers had been seeking ongoing behavioural support for. But something was missing, all the hard work they were putting in wasn't having quite the impact it should have. That's where CANINECHLO came in. On my recommendation, Buddy's caregivers took him back to the vet and persisted. He had a parasitic infection that was playing havoc on his digestive system. Once treated, we were able to adequately assess his raw diet, where we found a number of nutritional deficiencies.


We formulated a new diet for him, ensuring that we were meeting not only all his nutritional requirements but also specifically targeting nutrients known to aid with behaviour. Within a week of his new diet, Buddy was calmer, more receptive to training and his coprophagia had significantly decreased. 

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Aubrey V.


For many caregivers, ensuring that their dog lives a long and healthy life is their top priority. I understand this entirely, this was exactly why I got into nutrition too. For Mia, we did a comprehensive overhaul of her diet, focusing on supporting her physically and cognitively as she matured. From her base diet, to treats, tidbits and supplements, we have her covered. 


"Working with Chloé has been the best thing I've done for my dog Mia. Chloé's nutritional advice has made visible improvements in my elderly, active girl's health - we get complimented constantly! It was also really relieving and empowering to learn that there's still so much that can be done for a dog's diet (and health) when money is tight."

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Sophie G.

Hampshire, UK

Darcy was a tricky case. Her sister had end-stage kidney disease, meaning she had lots of attention and special food that Darcy herself wanted far more than her own 'boring' food. Her caregivers frankly didn't have the time or budget to be pandering to a dog who would turn her nose up at very expensive dog food. With a new feeding schedule and our fussy eater hacks, Darcy was back to eating her normal food in no time!

"Chloé helped my extremely fussy golden retriever find a food that she'd eat after months of barely eating. We had tried multiple foods and combinations with no success but with Chloé's advice she now never skips a meal. I honestly couldn't have asked for better service. Chloé is professional, knowledgeable and extremely approachable and I can't recommend her highly enough."

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