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diet plan


Clinically formulated recipes, designed to suit your dog's individual needs and nourish their health nutritionally. We'll work alongside your vet to give your dog the best chance at recovery.

For Dogs with Ongoing Issues
Comprehensive Report
60-90 minute consultation
2 Clinical Recipes
Ongoing Support
Alongside your Veterinarian

Clinical Formulation is our gold-standard treatment pathway.


Your dog may be suffering from debilitating health issues that are affecting their quality of life. It can be so stressful dealing with a chronically ill dog - and finding ways to improve their health and well-being can be challenging.


But your dog can thrive. We can use their diet to achieve that.


Over the course of 60-90 minutes, Head Nutritionist Chloé will join you in compiling your dog's entire medical and diet history. If necessary and/or desired, Chloé will liaise with your vet to get the full picture of your dog's condition. From here, we’ll put together a diet to improve your dog’s health and well-being, helping them to start thriving and not just surviving.


You'll receive a comprehensive follow-up report detailing your dog's condition, the clinical nutritional guidelines associated, and a personalised clinical diet plan. This will be formulated with the nutritional guidelines relevant to your location - AAFCO for North America, FEDIAF for UK/Europe and NRC for the rest of the world. These guarantee the nutritional adequacy of your dog’s homemade diet, with additional analysis provided in the report to confirm this. We'll gladly reference any information we provide, allowing you the assurance that our approach is science-backed and evidence-based. Along with consistent support to ensure that your dog is progressing well on their new diet.


Together we can improve your dog’s health. We just need to look at what’s going in to improve what’s going out.