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Thrive package


Individually formulated home-cooked or raw diet recipes for your dog, complete to nutritional guidelines. Providing you absolute assurance your dog is getting all they need to maximise their health.

For Healthy Dogs
7 Page Report
45 minute consultation
2 Follow Ups 
Personalised Recipes

It can be overwhelming figuring out the best way to begin making a homemade diet for your dog. You know that you can improve their nutrition, but finding out how can feel like a minefield. You may even have been preparing a diet at home already - but are struggling with the idea that you may not be meeting your dog's needs.

Over the course of a 60-minute call with our Head Nutritionist, you and your dog’s lifestyle and needs will be thoroughly assessed. From there, Chloé will talk you through the two pathways we can utilise to help your dog thrive.


The first: Analysis & Optimisation of their current diet. Chloé will evaluate what your dog is currently fed and provide practical feedback on food choices, preparation, and storage. This will result in a detailed report which will highlight the strengths and deficiencies in the diet, and how to fix them.


The second: Formulation of a specially designed diet. Chloé will guide you through the process of creating a brand-new diet for your dog. Not only will it be nutritionally complete, it’ll be easy for you to make and store no matter your situation. You’ll receive a detailed report about why your dog's diet is now nutritionally complete, alongside links to the quickest place to source ingredients. Both options will be in line with the nutritional guidelines relevant to your location, whether that be AAFCO, NRC or FEDIAF.